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Dr. Krystal Gillis and Dr. Robert Sexauer are certified and licensed providers of FastBraces®
Rating: 5Dentist Clinton - 5 Star Reviewed by M.R
Dr. Krystal Gillis & Dr. Robert Sexauer Reviewed by M.R
  All were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was especially impressed by the new Dr. Crystal. She explained all my options very well and seemed very knowledge. Thank You. 
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Create your best smile with skilled cosmetic dentists in Clinton, MO

Dr. Sexauer, Liz and even Amy at the front desk made us feel very welcome!! You guys sure know how to make someone feel special...even when you are poking them with a needle!
~ C.T. (Sep 23, 2013)

If you have found yourself feeling disappointed in the appearance of your smile, there is a clear path you can take to regain a better sense of confidence – a smile makeover with your trusted dentist.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover may sound like a complex procedure. In reality, a smile makeover can be different for everyone. Whereas one person may need to remove years of stains from the teeth for a more youthful appearance, another may wish to improve the overall look of his or her smile with porcelain veneers. Getting your best smile comes down to personalized care from your cosmetic dentists in the Clinton, MO area. With Dr. Sexauer or Dr. Gillis, you can address the specific concerns you have about the look of your smile. Because we recognize your individuality, we will design a treatment plan suited to your exact needs and wishes.

Your smile in progress

Cosmetic dental care begins with a comprehensive consultation, which allows you to express your expectations and goals for your smile. During your initial visit, your dentist will also perform a dental examination. This will allow us to detect and treat any existing dental conditions that may affect the outcome of cosmetic treatment.

In the planning of your smile makeover, you are a key player! During your consultation, you have full power to discuss the details of your smile that you would like to improve. This can include color, shape, size, proportions, and more. You are welcome to bring photos of smiles that appeal to you in order to communicate with what you wish to achieve with your smile makeover.

While discussing your treatment plan, your dentist will explain what is possible with specific recommended treatments. For instance, teeth whitening is suitable for most cases of discoloration, but not all. If stains come from deep within teeth, such as may occur due to the use of medications in childhood, standard teeth whitening will be ineffective. In such instances, your dentist may plan treatment to include beautiful porcelain veneers.

The smile that you have always wanted can be yours. Contact our office at (660) 885-6933 for your smile makeover consultation.

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