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(660) 885-6933
Dental Arts Building, 1108 E. Ohio St
Clinton, MO 64735

Dr. Krystal Gillis and Dr. Robert Sexauer are certified and licensed providers of FastBraces®
Rating: 5Dentist Clinton - 5 Star Reviewed by M.R
Dr. Krystal Gillis & Dr. Robert Sexauer Reviewed by M.R
  All were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was especially impressed by the new Dr. Crystal. She explained all my options very well and seemed very knowledge. Thank You. 
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I love coming into Dr. Sexauer's office. Everybody is very friendly and dedicated to my family's oral health. Thank you!
~ J.B. (Oct 17, 2013)

TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) is a common condition, affecting approximately 35 million Americans. The temporomandibular joints, known as the TMJ, are your jaw joints. They are delicate and complex, yet capable of exerting tremendous force. They also involve many nerves, including the trigeminal nerve, which is associated with migraine headaches. Even a minor injury or imbalance in the TMJ can lead to severe chronic pain and other symptoms.
We take a unique approach to the diagnosis and treatment of TMD. We begin with an oral evaluation and a discussion of your symptoms. There is no definitive test to confirm the condition; therefore, it is important to be evaluated by a skilled, experienced professional with in-depth understanding of the TMJs, such as Dr. Robert Sexauer and Dr. Krystal Gillis. We will look for signs of excessive grinding, check bite alignment, and look for problems in the joint or muscle functionality.
Our approach to TMD therapy, like all other treatments that we provide, is holistic. In many cases, the problem is bruxism (the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth). In this case, we will fit you with a custom-made oral appliance, which helps prevent clenching and grinding teeth during sleep. It is designed to help the muscles of mastication relax, and open space in the joint. This prevents the muscular fatigue that is associated with bruxism. If there is anatomical destruction within the joint itself, advanced treatment may be needed. We work with a team of skilled experts to restore the health and functionality of the joint.
Patient education is an important aspect of all treatment protocols in our office, including TMD therapy. We will explain why you are clenching and grinding your teeth. About 90 percent of people with bruxism are unaware of the habit, as it usually occurs during times of stress or while sleeping. We will discuss ways to reduce stress-related bruxism, and explain how the appliance keeps your jaws relaxed during sleep. This is important because effective treatment must address the root cause of the problem, and not just the symptoms.
Chronic headaches or other pain in your back, head, neck, upper back, and shoulders can be an indication of TMD. If you have undiagnosed or unresolved chronic pain, call us at (660) 885-6933 and schedule an evaluation.

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